Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January NTAAC Lunch And Calendar Review

Studio Six Art Conservation
NTAAC is have our first get together on Thursday, Jan. 9th. Besides grazing on the tasty buffet at Ali Baba's, we'll be talking about the NTAAC events for 2014.

That is where you come in! There will be the classic NTAAC casual lunches and happy hours, but what about events, presentations, lectures, tours, studio visits, workshops, equipment and/or technical reviews... Would you like to share? Have lunch with us and lets hear about it.

And don't forget. NTAAC is all about art/artifact centric people and events. So if you know of any workshops, conferences, lectures, movies, road trips... that would be of interest, bring that information with you as well.

NTAAC has access to several locations to host presentations, so if you would like to do a lecture, we have a place to host it. Also, if you are an organization that would be interested in hosting an event or lecture, we would love to hear from you!

Here is a link to a review of 2013 NTAAC events just to help stimulate some ideas.

Thursday, Jan 9th, 12:00noon
Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill
1901 Abrams rd.
Dallas TX 75214


Friday, January 3, 2014

The NTAAC Events of 2013 In Review

Dallas Art Conservation
In 2013, NTAAC organized quite a few events. These included a tour of the rare book room at the Dallas Public Library. Our first NTAAC Angles Day at the Dallas Heritage Village which was a big success. NTAAC co-sponcered a workshop with TAM on Disaster Preparedness at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Nature. There was a respirator review at Art Restorations Inc. Two lectures at the DMA, one by Michael Van Enter on the restoration of historic safes, and the other by Alton Bowman that focused on the restoration of furniture.

NTAAC organized a presentation at the annual TAM Conference on the conservation of natural history, archeological, and ethnographic objects. There was an NTAAC meet up at the Dallas Heritage Village for the presentation of the Pilot Grove Church restoration. And don't forget those casual lunches and  happy hours. That's a lot to pack into one year.

And sense almost all NTAAC events included eating here's a list of what was served. There was classic Tex Mex at the El Finex downtown, vegetarian at Kalachandji's, Mediterranean at Ali Baba, Thin crust pizza at the Elbow Room, BBQ at the Pecan Lodge, Turkish Cuisine at Cafe Istanbul, Juicy burgers at Hopdaddy Burger Bar, and a few stops at the Food Trucks at Klyde Warren Park. 

Of course all this eating and events are really just an excuse for doing what NTAAC is really about: Developing a network of people in North Texas whose work and/or passion focuses on issues concerning the care of art and artifacts. 

We'll be gathering on Thursday, January 9th at Ali Babas to make plans for 2014.  Got a few ideas? Join us and lets hear about them!