NTAAC Statement of Purpose:
The North Texas Association for Art Conservation is a collegial group interested in the preservation, conservation, and restoration of historic and artistic works. NTAAC aims to promote professional dialogue in North Texas , support educational efforts within the conservation community and reach out to invested communities.

The Facts of Life:
NTAAC has become a growing community of art and artifact centric people. From it's inception in 2009, NTAAC has grown from a small group of art conservators having lunch, into a North Texas community that includes people, businesses, museums, societies and organizations who are focused on the preservation, display, storage and handling of art and artifacts.

NTAAC is now a networking forum for art and artifact centric people in North Texas, and has become a distributor of information to its members and the general public. With its history of events that include conservation studio tours, museum tours, public lectures, workshops, lunches, and Happy Hours, NTAAC is connecting people to people, and resources to resources.

Get Involved:
Your involvement in NTAAC can and will make an impact on the preservation of history in North Texas. NTAAC has several ways for you to keep informed about up coming events.

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