Monday, April 16, 2018

Texas Association of Museums Conference in Houston

The Texas Association of Museums conference is just about to begin: April 18th  - 21st. As always there will be lots of panel discussions and events to attend.

NTAAC is inviting you to join the conversation at the Art Conservation Roundtable on Thursday morning.

This session will consist of five Texas based art conservators stationed at five tables. The conservators will introduce themselves and give a brief description of the field their table will be discussing. Participants move freely from table to table and ask questions.

Conservation fields represented will include: Furniture/ Frames- Alton Bowman, Scrapbooks- Olivia Primanis, Books- Kimberly Kwan, Photograph- Fernanda Valverde, and Ceramics - Brad Ford Smith. Popular topics will include but not limited to proper handling, storage, basic care, signs to watch out for and where to find more information. Each conservator will have demonstration materials and other information to help illustrate the various issues pertaining to their field.


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